Autism… as a Lifestyle

Parents of children with autism are often blindsided by their child’s diagnosis. When parents learn about their child’s autism diagnosis there is little hope provided by many medical providers. The truth is that it is difficult to know what the long-term prognosis is for a person on the spectrum. However, with time, parents begin to embrace autism for all its beauty.

To embrace autism you should reflect on how autism impacts your family. I sat down with three parents and to chat about how they began to embrace autism in their lives.

Mark, whose daughter and nephew have autism, embraces autism in every hug and kiss from his daughter. “It took her years to show me affection, but today she will hug and kiss me every day,” Mark shared. With years of faith and hope his daughter learned to show him affection — true picture of embracing the spectrum. ​

Liz, who has an adult son on the spectrum, truly embraced autism in her life when her family joined an autism support group. “I learned that we were not alone raising someone with autism. For years, I felt so alone and joining a support group changed that for our family,” she explained. Liz found beauty in autism through the support of others. Embracing the spectrum for her family was reaching out and experiencing it with other autism families.

Tino, whose son has autism, embraces autism in the beauty of its art. “Autism or not, he’s a master builder,” he mentioned. Tino used his son restricted interests in trains as an example of his ability to build and engineer the train tracks in unique ways. The beauty of autism is found when you embrace the disorder in how it manifests individually in each child.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 2.38.26 PM

Spend time reflecting on your journey with autism to see how your family embraces the disorder. It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane nature of our daily lives of children with autism. Don’t look at each interaction as something they need to improve or work on. Rather, embrace autism for what it is and how beautiful it truly is in each person.

Want to share your autism story? Contact us today to contribute to Embrace Autism.

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