Resource Spotlight: IncredABLES


Words by: Jillian Trevarthen

It’s time for a resource spotlight! Over the course of the next couple weeks are spending some time featuring incredible resources for families with members on the autism spectrum. IncredABLES is a fun, family-oriented resource based in Rancho Cucamonga that provides a wide range of engaging activities and programs for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities and their families. For parents of children with autism – the IncredABLES programs may be a perfect opportunity for you and your family to have a little fun!

According to the IncredABLES website, “Through partnerships, collaborations and reasonably priced classes, the City of Rancho Cucamonga offers a range of recreational and social opportunities for those residents in our community with developmental and physical disabilities,” as well as their families and supporters. The main focus of the IncredABLES program is to “encourage participation and promote the power of choice to enhance the quality of life of individuals with all abilities by providing accessible recreation in an environment that promotes self-esteem, success and fun!” For more information about IncredABLES, visit, or continue reading for an overview of some of the amazing services that they provide.

One of the benefits of getting involved with IncredABLES is having access to a plethora of reasonably-priced, intellectually stimulating classes like Arts & Crafts, Martial Arts/Kung Fu, Gymnastics, Self Defense for Women & Girls, Star Performers (singing/dancing/performing live), Tap Dancing, Family Yoga, Sweet Dough Baking, and Sportball (adaptive multi-sport experience)!

Friday Night Fun Club
The IncredABLES Friday Night Fun Club is held every few weeks at the Goldy S. Lewis Community Center in Rancho Cucamonga and is (usually) completely free! Come out to enjoy activities like Karaoke, Bingo, and theme parties that are fun for the whole family.

Special Events
Out of all the amazing programs that IncredABLES has to offer, the most extravagant are definitely the special events that they host. Every few months or so, the awesome IncredABLES team will put on an extraordinary event for local individuals with physical and developmental disabilities and their families, complete with a multi-course meal, games, live music, dancing, and even prizes! Some of these events include the Valentine’s Day Friendship Dance, Halloween Carnival, and their most famous, Special Needs Prom.

For those in the Inland Empire area looking for a way to give back to the developmental disability community, IncredABLES is always looking for volunteers, especially with their large special events. I have personally volunteered with putting on some of the IncredABLES special events many times throughout high school, and it was truly a fantastic way for me to serve the community, especially since I also had a ton of fun while doing so. To learn more about how you can help make the IncredABLES team do what they do best, visit

If you live in the Rancho Cucamonga area and are looking for a way for you and your child with autism to have some fun, IncredABLES is quite an INCREDIBLE resource and could definitely be an option for you.

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