Smart Apps Changing the Game for Parents of Children with Autism

Technology is revolutionizing the lifestyle and teaching methods of a vast population of parents with children on the spectrum. Now equipped with options, ratings and a large amount of online support, parents can more easily navigate their daily lives and organize their routine to ensure that their kids are in safe and autism-friendly places. The following is a list of applications that have been shown to benefit Autistic children in their development of social and language skills as well as an aid to curb their aversion to sensory elements in any given environment.

Social Skills & Interaction 

This app allows the user to establish a routine of communication as well as create and organize social stories. It lets you custom design visual schedules, storyboards, communication boards, flash cards, speech cards, and much more.

Autism Emotion uses music and photo slideshows to expose the user to different emotions. The app includes audio narration, a descriptive text of each photo, and songs by Music Therapist Rachel Rambach.

A visual teaching tool designed to help a child learn how to navigate challenging situations and new environments. Each scenario contains a photo slideshow of a child modeling appropriate behavior.

This app is dedicated to helping users understand various social situations while also teaching them how to interact and study with their peers.

Turn Taker employs the use of visual and audio cues to teach turn taking to the user. The app also includes an illustrated social story about gameplay and sharing.

Parenting Tools & Organization

Autism Village provides parents with a list of places in your area that are Autism friendly along with reviews and categories of what you are searching for.

My Token Board allows the parent to reward their child through a virtual token system. It motivates children to learn and complete tasks by systematically reinforcing or modifying targeted behaviors.

This app gives a parent the option to track patterns in behavior, food, moods and health using visual calendars, reports and multi-item graphs.  You can also share individual events or entire screens using Dropbox or email.

An extensive complied catalogue of different applications and resources available to parents.

Language & Music Comprehension 

Teaches kids the basics of reading and writing such as word and letter sounds as well as handwriting and basic words.  the advanced version comes with storybooks containing 12 groups of letter sounds each that vary according to the child’s reading level.

Word Magic is an educational app that shows an image of a word with missing letters and makes the users guess to complete the word. It includes entertaining graphics, letters and effective ways to enhance a child’s knowledge of word construction.

A sing-along app filled with songs and music that uses music therapy to promote verbal communication and comfort with sound.

An app company that creates various interactive storybooks of  children’s classics such as  Dr. Seuss’s “Cat in the Hat.”

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