About Us

Embrace Autism is, simply put, an online community for anyone impacted by a person with autism. Our goal is to empower our readers as they navigate the education system and services available for those who are on the spectrum.


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Sandra, our founder, after her daughter, won in her first Tae Kwon Do tournament.

Sandra’s autism journey began in 2011 with the autism diagnosis of her daughter. It was a pivotal moment for her life and the news of the diagnosis shook her family to its core. Since 2011 she has advocated for her daughter and nephew with autism. Emma, her daughter, was non-verbal until age four and had significant delays in social interaction, repetitive play and a host of sensory issues. Today, Emma is a vibrant and beautiful girl in 4th grade and is mainstreamed in general education with minimal academic support. In 2016, Sandra published her dissertation, a four-year study examining autism stories of families impacted by the disorder. Her study found that families need support immediately after and within the first couple of years after learning about their family member’s autism diagnosis. As a result, Embrace Autism was born to provide families with stories, hope, and resources collected through Sandra’s three research studies and information collected from her book. It is her hope that you use this site as a resource to help you through your journey with autism.


Bethany, our editor, enjoying the French countryside while attending culinary school in France.

Bethany is passionate about breathing life into social movements and embracing individuals for who they are. She provides oversight and influence towards our communication strategy. Bethany has worked in sales, marketing, and public relations for nearly ten years. She holds two degrees in marketing and public relations. Bethany is an aunt to a beautiful child on the spectrum and embraces autism through the uniqueness of each individual. It is her vision to help others not only understand autism but to fully accept those on the spectrum for all of their beauty.